Why Construct with Foster?




Portfolio and Recommendations

We serve Vail, Denver, Boulder, and the Mountain

West Since 2011


We have mountains of experience, amassing since 1989.


We love to work with Interrior Designers, Engineers, and Architects to get everything figured out for our cleints.

Open Book:

We start projects by negotiating our hourly rates and fee so our clients know the cost of construction management services. We move forward as "your" agent to create bid packages for each trade enabling us to seek out the best possible pricing for materials and services. The packages yield proposals that can be compared ‘apples for apples’ so we can select the best value for our Clients. All of our information is shared with the Client and Design Team to make informed budget decisions.


We have invested heavily in project management systems and technology that streamline our daily activity resulting in the project moving forward every day.

Trade Contractors:

Foster has great trade subcontractors that we invite to bid our work. We will also work with your approved tradesmen. Having operations in the Mountain Resorts and the Front Range allows us to pull from a larger resource to obtain great pricing.


We develop written Scopes of Work to complement the drawings for a project that describe in detail the work to be done in each room to insure we have completely communicated to entire team the clients wishes. We turn grey areas into black and white. Our weekly progress reports keep everyone informed and engaged in the project.


We are life time students of building science and are always looking for the best: detail, product, technique and/or value to create sustainable projects. We share our mountain of experience to make your project the best it can be.


We love construction and helping our clients renovate or construct new spaces!

Follow Through:

We work hard for our cleints to get them great value, quality, and excatly what they have asked for. We strive to provide an exceptional construction experience earning lifelong relationships and friendships.